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About Mashariki Rent-A-Car™


Mashariki’s primary aim is to provide our customers with affordable, well maintained and readily available rental vehicles.

What We Believe

Mashariki’s existence is based upon a set of Core Values. It is these set of values that motivate us to establish a culture of social responsibility and unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company.


MASHARIKI RENT-A-CAR started as a one car business. Today, MASHARIKI RENT-A-CAR operates a fleet of many vehicles and is rapidly expanding from year to year. It has been a challenging but exciting journey for us as a company to be where we are today. Being an independent car rental company (non-franchise) we have managed to give our customers the cheapest rates in town. Therefore in creating MASHARIKI RENT-A-CAR system, not only did we save money for both our customers and ourselves but also it made concentrate our attention on our customers rather than the corporate system.

Terms & Conditions

As well as reading these Rental terms and conditions, please make sure you also read our Rental Guidelines Mashariki Rent-A-Car.

Welcome to the Mashariki Rent-A-Car official website. The Rental terms and conditions, along with your rental guidelines, will help you understand what you can expect from us and what we need from you in order to make sure we can complete your booking successfully. Please note that this website is owned and controlled by Mashariki-Rent-A-Car whose headquarters office is based in the State of Washington, USA

                In these terms and conditions

    1. "The Company" refers to "Mashariki Rent-A-Car.
    2. "The Customer" means the person, company or organization by or on behalf of whom vehicles are rented under these Terms and Conditions.
    3. "Authorized Driver" means the driver(s) additional to the Customer approved by the Company. The Customer will ensure that any Authorized Driver will comply with these Terms and Conditions
    4. "Vehicle" means the Vehicle described in the rental agreement.

1. The Company agrees to rent and the Customer agrees to take the Vehicle on the Terms and Conditions as set out herein.

2. The Customer will pay the Company on demand all charges due hereunder including where relevant, surcharges, additional charges and other taxes thereon.

3. The Customer must have their own insurance on the Vehicle, which will be verified by a Sales Representative. The Company reserves the right to ask for satisfactory proof of the Customer’s own insurance prior to the commencement of rental. The Customer is responsible for ensuring the Vehicle is properly insured. If the Customer becomes aware of any changes in his insurance cover during the period of the rental Company must be notified immediately to verify continued validity of coverage by phone and in writing thereafter.

4. The Customer acknowledges he/she has a duty to ensure that all reasonable care is taken of the Vehicle against damage or loss throughout the rental period. The Customer accepts responsibility for any loss or damage to the Vehicle caused by his willful acts or negligence. This includes but is not restricted to responsibility for any loss or damage to the Vehicle or its accessories as a result of theft occurring when the Customer has left the keys in or with the Vehicle and the Customer hereby indemnifies the Company against such loss or damage.

6. (a) The Customer undertakes to ensure that the Vehicle is not subject to overloading in respect of number of persons or weight of goods carried within the Vehicle during the rental period.

(b) The vehicle is NOT to be driven out of the State of Washington at any time. This may void your insurance coverage in the event of an accident.

7. The Customer undertakes to return the Vehicle with all tires, tools, audio equipment and other accessories in the same condition as when the customer picked it up. It is a requirement for a Company Representative to walk the customer around the car to note down existing damage and all accessories present at time of pick up and this should be written down so as to distinguish new damage or loss of accessories caused by current customer. The same walk around will be done upon returning the vehicle to verify the vehicles current condition.

8. The Company undertakes to provide a Vehicle to the Customer in good working condition and which functions satisfactorily throughout the rental period. If the Vehicle breaks down during the rental period the company will put the customer in a similar vehicle or a different vehicle for the same price even if the replacement goes for a higher rate per day.

9. Where the Vehicle develops a fault during the rental period owing to any reason whatsoever, the Customer undertakes to inform the Company immediately, and not to use the Vehicle while it is in an unsafe condition.

10. Vehicles are rented at a daily rate according to the agreed charge. A full day is defined as any 24-hour period from the time of commencement of the rental agreement. A grace period of 59 minutes is allowed from the return time specified in the agreement. After this time an hourly rate of $5.00 kicks in and if length of time exceeds 3 hours then a full day rental rate will be charged. Driving beyond this time is risky since your insurance coverage on the rental may have ended and you may be driving without coverage. Your insurance company needs to be informed if you have to extend your rental period to ensure continued coverage. In the event that the Customer requires a Vehicle for a longer period than the agreed rental period the Customer must notify the Company at least 2 hours prior to the termination of the agreed rental period. In the event that the Customer fails to notify the Company of an intention to extend the rental time, then the company, at its discretion may terminate the rental. In that event, the Customer will become liable for any loss or damage incurred while the vehicle was in their possession. The Company reserves the right, in the event of such failure of notification, to use such lawful means as it may choose to recover said Vehicle.

11. If the rental is to be extended beyond 28 days the Customer must notify the Company of the current mileage of the Vehicle for servicing purposes. The Company reserves the right to substitute a suitable replacement. In the event that the rental Vehicle reaches the mileage at which a routine service is due the Customer undertakes to notify the Company and make that Vehicle available to the Company for such servicing to be carried out or for the Vehicle to be replaced at the Company’s discretion.

12. If the Vehicle is seized by any law enforcement officer in the State of Washington for any reason but not restricted to unauthorized parking, driving or carrying controlled substances and drugs, then Customer shall be charged for any costs due to loss of income for the days the vehicle could have been rented or full vehicle value if it is declared a total loss/seizure.

13. The Vehicle will NOT be used:
(a) For the carriage of passengers or property for hire or reward.
(b) For street racing, reliability trials, or driving instruction.
(c) To propel, jump-start or tow any other vehicle or trailer.
(d) In violation of the provision of any legislation, order or regulation affecting the use, loading or condition of the Vehicle or for any illegal purpose.

(e) Driven in unauthorised areas. We service Washington state travel within a 250 mile radius from our Kent Ofice, Portland

      Oregon Vancouver BC or Victoria BC canada only.

14.The Vehicle will NOT be driven by any person:
(a) Other than the Customer or an Authorized Driver.
(b) Who has not held a valid full driving license for a minimum period of 12 months.
(c) Who is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics or barbiturates, or prescription drungs that may alter

      your judgement.
(d) Whose driving license is subject to restrictions due to disability, suspension, revocation, or infirmity.

15. The Customer acknowledges that any property placed within the Vehicle is there at his or her own risk and that the

      Company has no responsibility for such loss of Property.

16. The Customer or any Authorized Driver of the Vehicle will in no way be deemed to be the agent, servant or employee of the


17. The Company reserves the right to terminate the rental to which this agreement refers if it becomes aware of any breach by

      the Customer of these Terms and Conditions.

18. Government taxes and other levies will be charged as required by current legislation.

19. The Customer acknowledges that the Company is entitled to charge any credit, charge or debit card nominated at the time

      the rental is effected for any charges due to the Company pursuant to this agreement.

20. The company accepts payments only in US dollars by credit card.  (No debit card or cash payments)

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Privacy Policy

Mashariki Rent-A-Car shall never share your information for marketing purposes with another company, or let other companies use our database of customer information.

We will only communicate with you to market our services by e-mail and of course communicate with you about your rental (to confirm the booking, check your rental was to your satisfaction, etc.).

If you do provide us with your consent to receiving marketing material via e-mail, this will be seen as consent to receiving such material from any part of the Mashariki Rent-A-Car. For this purpose, we will collect and store the data you provide in one or more of our databases. This will be protected as outlined below.

  1. We have strict procedures for storing and disclosing your personal information to prevent unauthorized access.
  2. These security procedures may occasionally mean that we request proof of identity before we disclose information to you.
  3. Your information is also protected by SSL encryption, which means data, is turned into a unique code whenever it's sent over the Internet.

What information do we collect?

When you rent a car, we ask you to register with us. To process and fulfill your rental we need to know your name, address, date of birth, driving license details and your credit card number.

We ask for your e-mail address to confirm your rental and advise you of your reservation number. We ask for your phone number so we can contact you if there is a problem with your rental.

We collect and store your registered details in accordance with this privacy policy so that the next time you rent at Mashariki we can access your key details more quickly and greatly speeding up the rental process.

By using this site and giving us your personal information, you are accepting to the collection, storage and processing of your personal information by Mashariki-Rent-A-Car, as set out above. The purpose of processing personal data is to fulfill your rental.

This privacy policy only applies to the Mashariki Rent-A-Car website www.MasharikiRentals.Com. Other sites linked to & from our official website are not covered by this policy.

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Why rent from Mashariki?

1. We are a family owned company and therefore we have the ability to offer very competitive rates that are unaffected by

    airport fees and other factors that the larger rental companies face.

2. Our pricing is straight forward as advertised on our website. We offer an easy-to-follow rate for the day, week or month,

    eliminating many of the alacarte charges that other car rental companies include. What is listed is what you pay.

3. Mileage is Free.

4. Our minimum age requirement is 21 years therefore eliminating the expensive "underage" fee charged by the larger

    companies if you are under 25 years.

5. Since our cars come used, we are not as strict when it comes to small dings and scratches. The larger companies will impose  

    hefty fines if you blemish exteriors or soil interiors of their newer vehicles.

6. All our clean, reliable vehicles are used, and maintained with extra ordinary care and routine safety evaluations with reputable


7. Beyond the wear and tear, safety issues must be considered. Since rentals cars are a crime target anywhere you rent, our

    vehicles are not your typical rental car makes and models. Because they are gently worn they blend in with the local cars on

    the road and are less likely to become a target for crime, keeping your belongings safer.

8. You will be dealing with the owner who will listen and work with you which is not the same when dealing with the rigid  

    corporate structure of the larger rental companies.

9. Our operation hours are very flexible and we can pick you up / drop you off at Seattle/Tacoma Airport between 4.00am - 

    11.59pm Monday - Sunday with prior arrangement.


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"Renting a car from Mashariki rent-a-car is an affordable delight. The service is exemplary, and the vehicles are clean, well-maintained, and a pleasure to drive. For budget-conscious travelers who don’t mind taking a few extra minutes to travel to and from their suburban office, Mashariki rent-a-car is a gem."

David Branby
President & Executive Creative Director
David Branby Advertising, Inc.
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Reno, NEVADA 89501-1816
p: (775) 323-2444
f: (775) 323-2443



Mashariki Rent a Car is a proud sponsor of the Polly Klaas Foundation that helps find missing children. We have supported them in the past by way of donating some of our vehicles to the foundation's cause and we intend to carry on into the future. Children (minors, infants or toddlers) are the most vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, neglect or abduction and we strongly believe that it is our social responsibility that they MUST be protected in all ways possible in order for them to grow into healthy and productive members of the society we live in.

We also support kars4kids foundation That invests so much in building our kids, both in mind and spirit, to give them the foundation they need to develop into productive members of their communities.

click on the link/icon below to read more about the foundations or to support them.


          Polly Klaas Foundation.              Kars4kids Foundation


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