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Rental Tips

Things to do before and after you rent a car.

  1. Always plan ahead when you want to rent a car.
  2. Before you drive away from the car rental lot, always make sure you inspect the car for previous damage and have it written down. This is meant to ease identifying any new damage on the vehicle upon return and in turn inform your insurance company to fix.   
  3. Call your insurance company and let them know you want to rent a car and be specific on the dates. This way your insurance company will transfer coverage from your personal vehicle to the rental car. At this point you will also know if your insurance covers you in a rental car in the same terms and conditions you are covered in your personal vehicle.

Reasons for renting a car from an independent car rental company.

  1. An independent dealer is not locked into policies made by a committee that does not understand or care about the needs of the individual renter that may deviate from the norm.
  2. An independent dealer is the "boss" and will deal with your concerns with the respect they deserve.
  3. An independent dealer values every rental.
  4. An independent dealer knows what it takes for the rental to be a success. Every aspect of the rental is considered to be the most important.
  5. An independent dealer knows the value of repeat business. This rental is important because the next rental is more important. As a result all rentals are the most important.
  6. An independent dealer treats each rental as if his well being depends on it. It does.
  7. An independent dealer always shops for the best products because the most important people, his renters, rely on them.
  8. An independent dealer shops the market and always insures that his rates are the most competitive.
  9. An independent dealer does whatever is reasonably necessary to keep the renters satisfied.
  10. An independent dealer wants to be your rental agency. The independent dealer is the "boss", and will make sure that the renter is 100% satisfied.
  11. Do not lend your personal car even to friends due to insurance reasons. If your friend drives your car even if they had insurance on their own then coverage may not be easily transferable in such a situation since you are not a business entity to legally transfer coverage. In such a situation your insurance follows the “CAR” and not the “DRIVER” and therefore you end up paying for the damage.
  12. Did you know that renting from the major car rental companies does NOT necessarily mean that you are getting reliable product or service or value for your money? Click here to read more here about incidents that customers have experienced with the major car rentals companies even after paying premium price.

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Taking care of your rental car.

  1. Our vehicles are not to be used for towing purposes due to insurance reasons. If a car stalls on you, please call customer service for help.
  2. Smoking is prohibited in our rental vehicles. This is standard practice with any car rental company and this policy is meant to protect non smoker renters from cigarette odors left in the car.
  3. Do NOT leave your valuables in the car unattended to avoid breakins or thefts.
  4. Always lock the doors once you leave the vehicle even if it is for only a few minutes.
  5. Always part in a secure, well lit place which is also good for your own personal security.
  6. In the event the car breaks down try to move it way to a reasonable distance on the side of the road and away from traffic.
  7. Each car comes equipped with a spare tire plus its kit incase you get a flat tire. If for some reason you have more than one flat tire we would refund any money you spend to repair the flats in order to keep you going.
  8. It is courteous not to trash any car rental in general. Do not leave your household and consumables garbage in the car when returning it after use. Neither should you spill foods or liquids on both fabric and leather seats or surfaces due to stains or mould growth. You may be charged a cleaning fee $60.00 if the vehicle is excessivey dirty to be rented right away to someone else.

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You need to talk to us if any of the following applies to you.

  1. If your car been stolen and need to go on with your day to day activities without interruption.
  2. If your car been grounded at the workshop waiting for parts to be shipped and you are stranded.
  3. If your car has been in an accident and your auto insurance carrier does not provide you with their rental.
  4. Your car been rendered irreparable due to major breakdown and need time to shop for another car.
  5. If you need a vehicle for additional people you need to accommodate.
  6. Need to make a long trip within Washington state only and do not want to put that extra mileage in your car.
  7. any of the above reasons best describes your situation just pick up the phone and call us. We will give you the best rate in town.

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