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Going camping or moving "Soft" card board packaged loads?

Dodge Dakota Duo Cab Pick-up Truck.



* 5 passenger seater  (That includes the driver)

* Fuel efficient V8 cylinder 4.7 liter engine

* 14mpg city / 18mpg highway

* Automatic transmission

* Front Disc brakes, Rear Drum Brakes

* Automatic Windows & Locks

* Automatic side Mirrors

* A/C, FM/AM Radio & Cassette

* Max weight Load : 800 lbs (Do NOT over load truck and loads must be secured by law)

* Fuel Capacity 24 Gallons


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* 1st time customer's must put down a $250 refundable deposit.Vehicle must be returned in original

   condition it was picked up to get the deposit back otherwise it will be applied as your deductible

   portion for any repair work.

* Major credit card required (AMEX / MASTERCARD / VISA / DISCOVER). Absolutely NO cash or

   Debit / Bank cards.


* Proof of personal insurance with collision and uninsured motorist coverage with $250 or $500

   deductible.Do NOT rent our vehicles using your credentials on behalf of people who do not qualify.

* Driver's license over 21 years.

* 200 daily free miles ($0.35 per mile for excess mileage)

* Local rentals only 300 mile radius from kent WA. (Washington, Portland OR, Vancouver/Victoria BC

   Canada rentals only). We do not rent beyond this destinations. (Note: No California rentals)


This Duo Cab is specifically for people who have extra "soft" luggage for camping or social events. Soft luggage means any cargo that is boxed up in soft paper based cartons or fabric material that will not cause paint scratches, dents or general damage to the truck bed, body or break the rear glass. Loads must not be loaded higher than the truck bed side wall height otherwise you run the risk of breaking the rear window if the load shifts during sudden breaking.

The following is a list of prohibited cargo and restrictions when renting this truck:

Cross Sign Clipart Restrictions & prohibited Cargo

1. Only listed persons permitted to ride in vehicle in conformity with manufacturer design and safety

    belts available.

2. ABSOLUTELY NO TOWING any vehicles or trailers of any kind due to liability reasons. This would

    constitute a major violation.

3. Vehicle is set to run on AWD on a full time basis. Changing this setting to 2H or 4H MODE will

    cause wheel binding on hard surfaces and car will not drive properly and damage the AWD system. 

    Leave it on the AWD setting all the time.

4. ABSOLUTELY NO OFF ROADING OR climb tests of any kind.

5. Passengers cannot ride in cargo compartment for safety and legal reasons.

6. Hazardous, flamable or corrosive chemicals are strictly prohibited in vehicle.

7. Any types of paints and thinners not allowed. These may damage paint, truck bed or fabric.

8. Construction waste material such as rocks, stones, wood with nails, bricks, yard waste etc 

    ABSOULUTELY not allowed. This will cause extensive damage to vehicle bed and body and you are

    responsible for any damage repairs.

9. Paving Asphalt.(Absolutely NOT allowed)

10. Guns, bows and arrows or any other type of dangerous weapons.

11. Human trafficking.

12. Smoking in the rental vehicle is strictly prohibited to protect other tabacco intolerant customers

    from harmful effects of cigarettes/tobacco and also some customers will decline to rent a vehicle

    that has cigarette odors.

Allowed loads

All the allowed cargo listed in link below must be packaged on soft paper card board box to prevent damage to truck bed or paint or even breaking the rear window.

This car is primarily marketed by Mashariki Rent a Car to campers and hikers who need the extra cargo space for their camping gear such as tents, bedding, food supplies etc.

Click here to see allowed cargo that MUST be cardboard boxed to prevent damage to truck bed, body or glass !