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20 foot Flat Bed Trailer with Electric Brakes.

(Truck equipped with Curt brake Control for trailer bed Electric brakes)

Click here to see how Curt Discovery Brake Control works.




Mashariki Rent a Car has introduced a new “Tow and Rent a Car” service for our local car customers. We can haul your vehicle to your repair shop or home within the prescribed distances listed here. I can only work within the listed distances due to other heavy work commitments elsewhere.

If wish to rent a car thereafter we can bring you to our car rental office in Kent Washington to pick up a rental car and we will automatically apply a 5% rental discount when you use the “Tow & Rent a Car package”. Click here to read about our car rental requirements.

Here are the towing Flat rates:  (CASH ONLY)

If a credit card or debit card is your only payment option then add 10% Sales Tax. We will run your card in advance defore tow truck gets dispatched from our our Kent office for the estimated distance and ajust the amount either up (charge) or down (refund) depending on actual distance covered.


0-10 miles towing      =  $60.00

10-20 miles towing    =  $75.00

20-30 miles Towing   = $100.00

30-40 miles Towing   = $120.00

40-50 miles Towing   = $150.00

50-60 miles Towing   = $180.00

60-70 miles Towing   = $200.00

70-80 Miles towing    = $215.00

80-90 miles Towing   =  $280.00

90-100 miles Towing =  $300.00

As usual we are flexible with pricing and we will give you a “5 mile” over limit price break. Say for instance if you exceed your mileage bracket with no more than 5 miles we will stick to the original price bracket you fall in.  If you go over the 5 mile “free miles”  then your price will jump to the next higher bracket.

These are flat fees (Cash only) meaning that’s what you exactly pay depending on what your towing distance is. As usual we will use the most direct/shortest google/gps route (or your personal Preferred route) but that can change due to unforeseen circumstances such as road closures, construction diversions that may require us to use diversionary routes.

As stated above due to time constraints on my part I can only tow a maximum of 100 miles radius.

Again if you rent a car after your tow you qualify for a 5% discount on any vehicle class you choose to rent. Remember you still have to meet our minimum car rental requirements. Click here to read about our car rental requirements.

We are here to save you money. Call us at 206-334-5647.

Tow approved areas.

We can only tow your car if it is disabled on these areas listed below.


I will not tow from inside busy congested city streets eg Seattle/Bellevue down town due to high traffic & limited space for maneuverability. This trailer is 20 foot long and needs extra room to maneuver.

How we town your Car.

We will use a flatbed trailer hitched to a 4 door Dodge Dakota 4.7 Liter V8 truck. The towing vehicle (Dodge Dakota) can accommodate up to 5 people (including the driver) in case there are extra people who need to ride to our car rental facility or to their destination so no need to call a cab or Uber.

See pictures below showing how vehicle will be towed.

Vehicles we can tow:

Please note we can only tow vehicles weighing less than 4000 pounds and with a length of less than 7 feet and a height of less than 4 feet tall.

Most of the cars that fall in that category will be your regular family 4 door 5 passenger sedan/small SUV such as :

Any vehicle weighing less than 4000lbs is good to go.

Honda civic, CRV etc

Nissan Sentra sedans

Nissan Altima sedans

Chrysler Sebring Sedans

Volvo sedans/wagons/SUV’s

If your vehicle is of similar size and body style to those listed then we can haul it for you.This vehicle size is specific due to the size and weight capacity of our trailer bed.

How can I estimate how much I will spend on a tow?

You can google your starting address and destination address to give you a rough estimate of the towing distance to be covered before you call us and then look at the price bracket where you fall. Remember you have an allowance of 5 extra free miles to keep you in that price bracket.

For Example. If your google/GPS distance from starting point A and Destination point B says it is 48 miles then you fall in the 40-50 mile bracket priced at $150.00 But in case the mileage exceeds by 5 miles to 53 miles you still stay in the same bracket.   If it exceeds the bracket miles plus the 5 free mileage allowance then you move up to the next price bracket.


Payment methods.

CASH only for the towing.

If a credit card or debit card is your only option then add 10% Sales Tax.

Your card will be run in advance with estimated distance based on google addresses you provide. If you pay more based on actual distance covered we will refund you excess pament and if we under charge you then you will pay for the shortfall.

Click here to read about our car rental requirements.